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Product information 


Arctic Doll


Arctic Doll is a safe, ethical and ecologically manufactured product. The Arctic Doll factory is located in Rovaniemi, that is where all our production is focused. We fully support the northern area and the handicraft culture found there. All the dolls bodies and costumes are designed and made from start to finish in Lapland. 

Arctic Doll is almost one hundred percent recyclable. Even in the production process all leftover material is carefully collected and reused. The doll's body is made from polyethylene which is used in amongst other things food packaging. The material used for the eyes is polystyrene which is also used in disposable containers. 

Arctic Doll will last for decades because we have used the same models and casts for over 50 years all parts can be easily replaced. 


Doll's bodies 


The dolls bodies are available in sizes of 18, 29, 35, 45, 54 and 60cm tall. These are available without hair, with a half head of hair or a full head of short or long hair. The hair can be blonde or brunette. Dolls with blonde hair will usually have blue eyes and dolls with brown hair brown eyes. All the dolls excluding the smallest size have moving eyes. 

Dolls without costumes are also available for more information contact


Manufacturing steps 


The body parts are made by blow molding polyethylene. Holes are then drilled in the frame to attach head, arms and legs. After assembly the bodies are sandblasted and the eyes are formed from two different casts. After that the eyes are painted, assembled and eyelashes added. To produce the eyes it takes more than ten different steps. Finishing the head is precise work and all done by hand. The top of the head is removed and heated which allows the hair to be sown in. Holes for the eyes are cut and the eyes are put in place. Cheeks and lips are airbrushed and the eyebrows are enhanced. Then finally the hair is styled. 


Dressed Dolls - authentic traditional designs


Arctic Dolls traditional Lappish and other costumes are all made by locally commissioned dressmakers. Our Lappish costumes respect the tastes and traditions of the Lappish people. Just  one of our outfits can contain over 20 ribbons, tassels and buckles. 


Made in Lapland - certified Finnish product 


Arctic Doll is an authentic Finnish and Lappish product. It is one hundred percent designed and made in Lapland. Both the dolls bodies and costumes are handmade in our factory in Rovaniemi. 

Arctic doll has been granted the use of the made in Finland certificate. This is only given to products proven to be one hundred percent Finnish.

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