Arctic Doll

Finnish doll production since 1953.

Not just an ordinary doll

Adorable Arctic Dolls are born in the hometown of Santa clause, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. Since 1953 more than a million Arctic Dolls have been bringing joy into their families lives.

Authentic & traditional

Arctic Doll is a supporter of it’s local Nordic area and the handicrafts found there.  Production is focused on our doll factory situated in Rovaniemi inside the Arctic Circle. All our dolls and their costumes are completely designed and handmade in Finnish Lapland.

Arctic Doll has a doll factory in Jaatila, Rovaniemi. 

We make traditional and have years of experience. Our dolls have been in production since 1953. 

Our main product is a doll in traditional Lappish costume but we also have other dolls to choose from. 

In our Arctic Charm brand we produce Lappish souvenirs made from wood or reindeer hide and bone. 

You can view our products in the  gallery or come and visit our factory. 

The Association for Finnish Work grants Finnish products and services symbol of origin, the Key Flag and supervises it's use.

Arctic Doll has right to use the Key Flag symbol of origin.

The Strongest in Finland certificate is a visible proof of company's creditworthiness, reliability and excellent solvency.

The companies in the two highest categories of Asiakastieto's 7-step Rating Alfa classification, i.e. approx. 12 % of Finnish companies are entitled to the Strongest in Finland certificate.